Warranty conditions

Muon offers you a warranty for a certain period against any material and/or construction defects on your Muon e-bike, if and insofar as this follows from the following warranty provisions. Muon E-bikes is a trade name and registered trademark of Linemart GmbH In the following warranty provisions, Linemart GmbH will be further referred to as Muon E-bikes.

These warranty conditions apply in addition to the also applicable general terms and conditions of Linemart GmbH

Article 1 Terms

1.1 The warranty period(s) mentioned below starts on the day of purchase of the bicycle.
1.2 During the warranty period, all parts of which Muon E-bikes has determined that there is a material and / or construction defect, will be repaired at the discretion of Muon E-bikes, will be replaced by new or overhauled products. Muon E-bikes becomes the owner of the replaced parts. Defective parts will not be reimbursed.
1.3 Muon E-bikes gives a 3-year warranty on material and/or construction defects in the bicycle frame and fixed fork.
1.4 Muon E-bikes gives a 2-year warranty on the paintwork of the bicycle frame and front fork against corrosion from the inside.
1.5 Suspension forks are covered by a 2-year warranty period for material and/or construction defects.
1.6 For other parts, if properly maintained, a warranty of 2 years applies. These parts and method of maintenance are described in the user manual.
1.7 For (to) replace parts, there is no new warranty period for the replaced part. The original term calculated from the invoice date remains unaffected, also for the replaced part.
1.8 Muon E-bikes gives a 2-year warranty on a Lithium-ion battery. Batteries that have been tested as defective by Muon E-bikes within the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. Note:

a. The capacity of the battery will decrease in proportion to the number of charge cycles and age. A decrease of 15% capacity reduction per year is not covered by warranty. Lithium-ion batteries also lose capacity when not in use. See the maintenance schedule in your Muon E-bikes manual. Visit your Muon E-bikes dealer in case of problems with your battery.

b. At the end of its life, you must return the battery to your Muon E-bikes dealer. He takes care of the recycling procedure.

Article 2 Transmissible

2.1 The warranty is only granted within the period(s) mentioned in article 1, provided that on presentation of the original purchase note (on which stated the purchase date, model name and serial number of the bicycle) and the proof of payment.
2.2 Muon E-bikes may refuse the warranty if the documents referred to in paragraph 1 are not shown, are not complete, are illegible or in the event that Muon E-bikes otherwise has reason to refuse the requested warranty.
2.3 The warranty is transferable on condition that the documents referred to in paragraph 1 are shown to Muon E-bikes. In the event of transfer, these warranty conditions apply in full.

Article 3 Exclusions

3.1 Warranty is excluded in the following cases:

  • the safety instructions or instructions for use have not been complied with;
  • there is normal wear and tear on parts, or incorrect assembly or incorrect adjustment of, among other things, spokes, tires, chain, chainrings, brakes, cables, freewheel, gears and / or derailleur, unless there is a material and / or construction defect;
  • the bicycle has not been demonstrably regularly maintained (for example, not timely replacement of parts such as brake / derailleur cables, brake pads, tires, chain and sprockets) and / or has been repaired by an authorized Muon E-bikes dealer;
  • Incorrect adjustment/tension of handlebars, stem, saddle, seat post, derailleur set, brakes, quick wheel closers and spoke tension;
  • incorrect or insufficient lubrication of rotating parts or parts for which this is a given;
  • adjustments have been made to the original condition, such as the use of parts and/or accessories not approved by Muon E-bikes;
  • the bicycle, parts and/or battery show fall damage;
  • the bicycle has been used incorrectly and/or carelessly or has not been used in accordance with the purpose of the bicycle, for example for rental, competitions and/or commercial activities, or for other purposes for which the bicycle is not intended or designed;
  • damage has occurred due to non-compliance with the user manual;
  • damage has been caused by transport on, among other things, bicycle carriers;
  • the bicycle continues to be used, despite damage and/or defects already detected, and this use aggravates the damage;
  • The bicycle has been involved in an accident.

Article 4 Claim warranty

4.1 Complaints and warranty requests will be handled by your Muon E-bikes dealer. In case of complaints or questions about warranty, your Muon E-bikes dealer is always the first point of contact, since the purchase agreement has been concluded there. Muon E-bikes will then definitively assess whether there is a warranty. The relevant part will be sent to Muon E-bikes for assessment by the relevant dealer with the purchase note and proof of payment, stating the complaint.
4.2 Any (dis)assembly costs may be charged to you by your Muon E-bikes dealer.
4.3 Any costs for transporting the bicycle and/or parts from your Muon E-bikes dealer to Muon E-Bikes may be charged to you by your Muon E-bikes dealer.

Article 5 Warranty area

5.1 The guarantee area is limited to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United States, and Canada.
5.2 The warranty does not cover transport costs or risks associated with the transport of your bicycle or part to and from Muon E-bikes or your Muon E-bikes dealer.

Article 6 Liability

6.1 With the exception of the other liability provisions, the total liability of Muon E-bikes due to attributable shortcoming in performance, or due to tort, is limited to repair or replacement of the defective part. Compensation for direct damage is excluded, except in the case of intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of the management of Muon E-bikes.
6.2 If the limitation in paragraph 1 does not stand up in court, the liability is limited to a maximum of the amount that has been or can be charged to the buyer on the basis of the relevant agreement.
6.3 The liability of Muon E-bikes due to attributable shortcoming in the performance of an agreement only arises in all cases if you immediately and properly give Muon E-bikes written notice of default, whereby you are given a reasonable period to remedy the shortcoming, and Muon E-bikes continues to fail imputably in the fulfillment of its obligations even after that period. The notice of default must contain as complete and detailed a description of the shortcoming as possible, so that Muon E-bikes is able to respond adequately.
6.4 You indemnify Muon E-bikes against all claims from third parties related to non-compliance or insufficient compliance by you with any obligation towards Muon E-bikes, whether or not arising from these terms and conditions.
6.5 Any liability for indirect damage, consequential damage, immaterial damage, damage as a result of liability towards third parties is expressly excluded. This applies regardless of whether this damage or loss is related to the defective or non-functioning of the bicycle or related parts due to defects or because the bicycle is not available while it is at Muon E-bikes or a Muon E-bikes dealer.
6.6 If the applicable legislation prohibits or limits such exclusions of liability, Muon E-bikes excludes or limits its liability to only the maximum extent permitted by the applicable legislation. For example, certain countries prohibit the exclusion or limitation of damages for negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct, deception and similar acts. Muon's E-bikes liability under this warranty will in no case go beyond the price paid for the product, but if applicable law only allows higher limitations of liability, the higher limitations will apply.

Article 7 Online https://www.muon.bike

7.1 Muon E-bikes has made every effort to compile the content of its website with the greatest accuracy. Especially with a view to a correct price display and a correct description of its products. Nevertheless, Muon E-bikes cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data and is not responsible for any errors on this website.
7.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all offers, including advertisements and price lists as stated on the Muon E-bikes website, are without obligation.
7.3 Before confirming your order, you should always check carefully whether the correct product has been selected. You must always use a correct address when making the order.
7.4 If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the data you entered when ordering, Muon E-bikes can contact you using the data you have entered. If Muon E-bikes cannot reach you and therefore cannot check the data, Muon E-bikes may cancel the order.
7.5 Each agreement is entered into under the suspensive condition of sufficient availability of the relevant products.
7.6 Muon E-bikes will notify you as soon as possible by e-mail to confirm receipt of your order. This notification of receipt does not imply acceptance of the order on the part of Muon E-bikes. Only when your order has been checked and found to be complete by Muon E-bikes, the payment method offered is in order and the ordered goods are made available, and Muon E-bikes does not wish to accept your order for other reasons to which it reserves the right, will your order have been accepted by Muon E-bikes. As long as this has not been done, the order you place does not create any enforceable rights against Muon E-bikes. In case your order is refused, you will be informed immediately. Muon E-bikes declines any responsibility for any delays or impediments in connection with the possible acceptance or refusal of your order.
7.7 You can order from 18 years old.
7.8 The same warranty conditions apply to products purchased online as to bicycles purchased from a Muon E-bikes dealer.
7.9 For bicycles purchased online, a 14-day cooling-off period applies, within this period the purchase can be cancelled. For this you will initially contact your Muon E-bikes dealer. In consultation with the Muon E-bikes dealer, Muon E-bikes will handle the cancellation.