The Industry First.

At Kreutzer, we pride ourselves on being the First Generation of self-developed Mid Drive motors and premium e-bike systems. We continuously push the boundaries of innovation by redefining
the standards of exceptional drive systems.

E-bikes with Kreutzer systems

New Durability Standard

For the past few years, Kreutzer has continued to undergo extreme and rigorous NVH tests (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) on its motors. Our first-generation self-developed mid drive motors are engineered to set a new industry standard in durability, we stand by this with a standardized 5-year warranty on all our motors. Capable to withstand even the toughest challenges of mountain biking, the Kreutzer motor’s lifespan is three times longer than the typical city/trekking type motors found in the market.

Noise and Vibration Comparison

Unparalleled Smoothness and Silence

Equipped with a high-speed motor that operates at 4000rpm, Kreutzer’s gear box delivers an incredibly smooth and silent ride. Thanks to Timyo’s fully customized magnet within the motor layout, our motors have achieved a 30% noise reduction during acceleration when compared to other motors.

Extreme Efficiency

Our motor's durability lies in the efficiency of its power usage. When challenged with steep hills and other extreme conditions, the Kreutzer motor is able to maintain its power efficiency at a higher level than other branded motors.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Our motor incorporates a high-sensitivity torque sensor that detects any changes in the pedal's rotation and torque in 50 milliseconds (5x faster than the human reaction). The motor then adapts its power assist levels at 320 times per second, allowing an extremely hyper-responsive, precise, and intuitive power assisted riding experience. Every pedal you take becomes effortlessly efficient as the motor adapts instantly to the rider's environment.

Motor Series Introduction

All drive units at a glance

H series - HubDrive

The most tested motor series in our collection, the Kreutzer H series hub drive motors have been a staple motor for its reliability in some of the best-selling e-bikes. It’s stability, power, and durability make the H Series a worthy partner to power your every ride.

U series - Urban

Lightweight, compact, silent, and yet extremely powerful. The Kreutzer Urban series is designed to perfectly match the ever-changing pace of urban commute. Its hyper-sensitive sensors paired with unmatched smoothness in power provide one of the smoothest urban commute you'll ever experience.

X series - CrossCountry

Whether your bike ride takes you offroad or through challenging terrains, the Kreutzer X series is built to brings power and versatility to every ride. Designed with peak performance in mind, this Cross Country mid-motor can withstand the challenges of even the toughest conditions.

T series - Cargo

Built into the core of the Kreutzer T series are key emphasis on safety and stability. This powerful cargo mid motor is designed to propel forward even while carrying substantial cargo. All while ensuring the rider’s smooth, durable, and silent riding experience.

Superior Motors, Powered By Exceptional Batteries

Top performance motors are only as exceptional as the batteries that fuel them. Experience the pinnacle of performance as our high-performing battery seamlessly integrates with our cutting-edge motor. This dynamic duo provides the ultimate combination of power, range, and reliability. Propelling you forward with every pedal.

Kreutzer Core 1200
Up to

Kreutzer 3.0

Kreutzer Future represents our unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and creating e-bikes that transform the way we move. With the Advanced Modularity Drive-Control System, we redefine what's possible in e-bike technology. This groundbreaking feature ensures seamless compatibility with HMI, Battery, and other electrical units. The result? A streamlined and unified e-bike experience that surpasses expectations, delivering the utmost performance, convenience, and reliability.

Enhancing the User Experience

Kreutzer takes pride in having full control over the development of its drive systems. Compared to the current market where e-bike frames and e-bike motors are limited in design to stay compatible with each other, Timyo holds an unrivaled competitive edge to freely design and customize our drive systems and bike frames according to our own demands. With a second-generation minimalistic and modular motor in development, Kreutzer second gen will propel the industry forward and set the pace for how the future of e-bikes should be driven.

E-bikes with Kreutzer systems